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Summer is here and you can either have  a body that you are happy with and proud of or you can do nothing and stay the same as you are now.

BoxerBody Training camp® is a 1-on-1 private training program designed to be more fun, more interactive, and more effective than a traditional personal training service.  If you are looking for a Personal trainer to hand you some dumbbells and stand next to you and count reps for you, then this isn’t the program for you.

If you are looking to get fit as fast as possible, have a little fun while doing it, and learn a new skill, then this is for you.

In a typical 1-hour training session you can expect to burn an estimated 500-900 calories, or even more, depending on how hard you work.  As with most things, the more effort you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

And just to give you fair warning, I like to keep the chit-chat to a minimum, so you will be moving and working the whole time. I want you get the most out of your training time with me.  (We can talk afterwards…)

I only include exercises that burn the most calories and get you lean. I don’t waste time with the ones that don’t.

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One of the core training methods I use is focus mitt training. (This is the interactive and fun part).  The reason this style of training is so effective as a fat-loss tool is that it forces you to use all of the muscles in your body simultaneously, including your legs, core, shoulders, back, and arms etc.

To make sure that you are getting results, I set specific goals with deadlines for you to meet and closely track your progress. I also throw  in some bonuses and rewards for a little extra motivation.   (starbucks or whole foods gift cards anyone?)

With the 6-week and 8-week camps you will receive a pair of Title Boxing® brand gel boxing gloves, hand-wraps, jump rope, towel, and  training journal.


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BoxerBody Training Camp® is an all inclusive fat-loss solution that includes 8 Weeks of 1-on-1 coaching and personal training.  You have 3 options for training locations:

1. In the BODYPGH® training studio in Lawrenceville

2.In your home, office, or gym (10 ft. x 10 ft open space required, indoor or outdoor)

3. OUTSIDE. We offer training sessions at various outdoor locations around pittsburgh based on your location, this is ideal for individuals who like to be outdoors instead of being in a stuffy gym!


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Here is a preview of what you can expect in your personalized training camp…

personal trainer pittsburgh

Training Camp Course outline


see video preview

Week 1.
-Client goal setting and body measurements
-Getting fitted for gloves and have your hands wrapped for boxing
-Full body assessment of client in three categories:
Mobility and agility
-Learn basic footwork and punches jab, cross, hook, uppercut etc.
-Learn how to breathe for boxing
-Punching drills on the focus mitts

Week 2 
-Basic Defensive techniques slip, duck, block, pivot, turning

-Core/abdominal strengthening techniques
-jump rope variations
-light sprints
–endurance drills

Week 3-8  NA

outdoor cardio workout

Training Camp Course Total Cost including equipment:

8 Week Training Camp:

Trainee level: (1 session/week): $397   (or two monthly payments of $198)

Pro level: (2 sessions/week): $887   (or two monthly payments of $443)

Elite level: (3 sessions per week) $1277   (or two monthly payments of $639)


6 week Training Camp:

Trainee level:  (1 session/week) $298 (or two monthly payments of $160)

Pro level: (2 sessions/week) $610(or two monthly payments of $320)

Elite level: (3 sessions per week) $900 (or two monthly payments of $460)


2-week Training Camp:

Trainee level:  (4 1-hour sessions over 2-week period) $247 (includes $95 dollars of new equipment: gloves, wraps, jump rope)

Pro level: (6 1-hour sessions over a 2 -week period) $347  (includes $95 dollars of new equipment: gloves, wraps, jump rope)




usa boxing certified coach tyler

All of our Trainers are Certified coaches by USA boxing®

Your Trainers:

Ty Thomas: 

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

Certified USA Boxing Coach

Bachelor’s Degree University of Pittsburgh ’06  (19 credits in Fitness and Athletic Training)

 My goal is to make boxing and boxing-style workouts accessible to clients of all abilities and fitness levels.  I show individuals how they can reap the cardiovascular and fat-loss benefits from this style of training.  It is a fun and unique  approach to maintaining a healthy and great looking physique.


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